Month: April 2013

Notion Fourteen


I love this deodorant. It does not include all the harmful things that antiperspirants have. Also, the fresh minty scent neutralizes the odor!


Notion Thirteen


My cousin introduced me to the work of Franz Kline. It was from there, after Googling him and viewing numerous pieces that I was inspired to create some art along those lines.  It is somewhat of a spin-off with a twist. I thought to make use of my wedding album as well. Rather than just storing it away, I placed it on our dresser in our bedroom with a box stacked on top. It added some height to the mercury glass vase I purchased at Homesense. I quite like the layered and eclectic effect!

Notion Twelve


My husband and I,  at our engagement photo shoot. I had decided on the theme of an English dock worker meeting a girl in a cloud-like dress. It was a lot of fun and most of the shots were taken in downtown Toronto. My dress is Max Azria, I adore his creations!

Photographed by Miranda Hynes, Copyright 2011

Notion Eleven

blog22A couple of months ago I went all over town to various thrift stores and questionable warehouses filled with discarded junk.  I was able to find some treasures hidden in the nooks and crannies of the unknown; eight frames with interesting textures and patterns! I then painted all of them white and created a wall grouping for my dining room. The chipped red antique oil can was something given to me by my parents, which I am now using as a centerpiece.