Notion Fifteen


eos2One of my favourite brands, in my favourite colour! It smells so beautiful, this is the only hand cream I am using for the next little while!



  1. My name is Sarah and I own Yorkie Splash and Shine. I see you have a Yorkie and was hoping you’d like to try some of our products to review on your blog. Let me know, we’d love to send you some products to try.

    1. I would love to! What a great idea! Sorry for the extremely late reply! I do not know why I did not see this before! By the way, what a great business idea I love your blog… I am a small business owner myself and would be happy to do whatever I can to get your name out there even more. Yorkies are great pets, and anyone who owns one knows (or should know) how lucky they are to have such a loving, well mannered little friend.

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