Month: January 2014

Notion Thirty-Six: The Beautiful


We have all heard the saying, “Beauty is only skin deep.”

Beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. So what may be skin deep for one, may be non existent for another.

Secondly, true beauty that does not fade, that lasts until you leave this world and far beyond is deeper than your epidermis. It is deeper than your bones, your tissues, your beating heart.

True beauty can not be buried in the ground, or destroyed by time. It does not need to be pinched, or tucked.

I have met beautiful people. Whom their laugh fills a room and makes you laugh with them. Who can make you smile on the darkest of days. Who would give everything they had just to fill the heart of another with happiness. Who always listen, always want to learn and look for the wonder in things. They defend the weak, reach out to the broken. Others are often drawn to them, yet they would be just the same if they were to get no attention at all.

My heart cries out to be as such.


Notion Thirty-Five



I received this absolutely whimsical vintage camera ring from my friend Jessica this summer. I quite love it…

I am also so tempted to paint my nails this bright again! Oh how I wish the warm weather was here.

Notion Thirty-Four: On Finding Mr. Right

014I had never had a boyfriend. At most I went on a handful of casual coffee dates that never really grew into anything past that. My younger sister was the funny one, the one that always seemed to draw in all the boys with her cuteness and charm. At 15, it had already begun to be a regular thing for her to receive flowers at her door, or be bringing home little gifts from school. Her current boyfriend wanted to marry her.

Then there was me. I was 20 years old, had cut off many (if not all) of my high school friends, working a horrible part-time job at a shoe store with a pig-headed boss. I would go home every night to my parents, now and then wondering…however will I meet someone if I don’t know anyone? Is he just going to run into me on the sidewalk?

I often just pushed it out of my mind, resigning myself to the fact that I simply would just take care of myself. I began to save my money for a down payment on a house and had my entire single life planned–right down to having a career in fashion, owning a condo and a Yorkshire Terrier. I wasn’t unhappy with the idea, or so I thought.

It seemed that in the past I was always the one that friends would run to for relationship advice, ironic considering I was about the only one with absolutely no experience in the matter, yet I assume whatever wisdom I was giving out must have been credible. The truth was, I knew what I wanted, and refused to compromise. I knew some of my old high school haunts were not places I would meet my soul mate, and frankly I wanted a miracle as well. I wanted to be able to say that he walked into my life, that I did not go “hunting” for him. Sure a companion would be nice. I just wasn’t desperate. Every girl knows that one of the best feelings in the world is to be found and pursued, not to be contriving it oneself.

Flash forward about 6 months I began hanging out with a new crowd. These were people I could rely on, who shared some of the same beliefs and goals. I traveled around to various pubs and establishments with my friend and her band, selling merchandise at the shows. I was very happy, still storing away my money bit by bit, and working on getting a better, higher paying job. Yes, my single life was going to be comfortable.

As a Christian girl, I do believe in the profound. So, it happened one night shortly after my 21st birthday, during a temporary burst of visiting a tanning salon every week (it only lasted a short time thank goodness) that I was walking home, skin smelling of coconuts and this overwhelming feeling of loneliness crept in. I had been pushing it aside for so long. As much as I was quite enjoying myself being solitary; I now had a new job that paid more than double my previous, I had accomplished my fitness goals and was religiously attending recreational kickboxing classes, as well I had friends who were kindred spirits, my heart was incomplete and ignoring it was not going to fix it.

I prayed to God as I walked, telling Him that “I just give up.” Whatever that even meant. God knew I was far, far too stubborn to just “settle” for any guy and I sure as heck was not going to become a floozy.

At once I had this overwhelming feeling of peace. I felt comfort, “Do not give up now, you’re closer than you think.” In my heart I thought…yes, I can wait a few more years.

That night I met my husband. I was invited to go out with a friend, and she had invited her friend, who brought his friend. Mircea (my husband) was his friend. I had no idea the guys were coming and Mircea whom I did not even know existed, was not meant to come at all. He was a last minute “I don’t want to be the only guy there.” act from his comrade.

Of course I did not know that night that one day we would be sharing vows and a life together. Our friendship started and blossomed and here I am five years later. God sure works in mysterious ways. Somehow, I have a business in fashion, the condo, the dog and most importantly, Mr. Right.

Notion Thirty-Three


This was the first Christmas my sister and I did “Sister Stockings” full of all good and girly things. I nearly teared up when I came upon this. Those are little berry nicknames we have for each other…if you read it as is, it somehow forces you to have an accent. Yes, we’re silly like that. That is why my sister is my beautiful built in best friend for life.

Notion Thirty-Two: Perfect Portrait


Here is an original piece of art done of my husband and I as a wedding gift from my father, Canadian Illustrator and Portrait Artist, David James Bathurst. His website is currently under construction but shall be up within the next few months!

I love having as much authentic art on my walls as possible…I have this “no prints if I can help it” policy, although may be slowly changing my ideals as there are the cutest wall decorations, some you can buy as jpeg images they send to you and you print it off yourself at a photo lab. Saves on the waiting times for shipping. Very awesome.

Notion Thirty-One: The Original Art in My Home


I suppose you could call me an “art snob” at times. Growing up with a father who was a Freelance Commercial Illustrator, who also did occasional portraits commissioned by the Toronto Maple Leafs and some of the players (or their wives) themselves, I was always surrounded by quality art. As I sometimes travel to thrift shops with my cousin-in-law, Maria, we will see many paintings in ragged frames ready to be purchased at reasonable prices. Unfortunately most of this art to me looks as if it was an attempt at realism, but was painted with ones baby toe. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

┬áToday I thought I would share a piece I was working on this weekend. I saw a blank area on my wall (quite vast, actually) and thought it looked rather odd to have nothing more than a light socket on it. My living room window looks out onto a seemingly endless winter forest, so I thought it fitting that I paint what I am already surrounded with–it goes with the theme.

Some of it was done with a palette knife and some with various sized brushes (although at this time I cannot find my smallest brush which I so thought I had). I also used my hands. Yes, finger painting! You see…I really have no right whatsoever to criticize any art painted with ones baby toe.

Notion Thirty


In light of the new year there will be some changes to my blog. I have decided to write a tiny bit more (and only a bit, no long monologues or anything)…as well as try to focus a lot more on my artwork. Today’s post was inspired by the sketching style of one of my favourite fashion illustrators, but with my own twist. I drew this sketch to illustrate how I would like to get my hair cut and styled come summer. I am a bridesmaid now for the third year in a row, so that is an event that I vow to keep my hair long for. If there are no other proposals that somehow pop up along the way, that should be my last for awhile.

This will be a huge step for me as I have had long, long hair for the past 10+ years. So…what do you think? This year is a time for change for the better, for progress, for taking chances, for blessings and abundance! Here is to 2014!