Notion Thirty


In light of the new year there will be some changes to my blog. I have decided to write a tiny bit more (and only a bit, no long monologues or anything)…as well as try to focus a lot more on my artwork. Today’s post was inspired by the sketching style of one of my favourite fashion illustrators, but with my own twist. I drew this sketch to illustrate how I would like to get my hair cut and styled come summer. I am a bridesmaid now for the third year in a row, so that is an event that I vow to keep my hair long for. If there are no other proposals that somehow pop up along the way, that should be my last for awhile.

This will be a huge step for me as I have had long, long hair for the past 10+ years. So…what do you think? This year is a time for change for the better, for progress, for taking chances, for blessings and abundance! Here is to 2014!


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