Notion Thirty-Six: The Beautiful


We have all heard the saying, “Beauty is only skin deep.”

Beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. So what may be skin deep for one, may be non existent for another.

Secondly, true beauty that does not fade, that lasts until you leave this world and far beyond is deeper than your epidermis. It is deeper than your bones, your tissues, your beating heart.

True beauty can not be buried in the ground, or destroyed by time. It does not need to be pinched, or tucked.

I have met beautiful people. Whom their laugh fills a room and makes you laugh with them. Who can make you smile on the darkest of days. Who would give everything they had just to fill the heart of another with happiness. Who always listen, always want to learn and look for the wonder in things. They defend the weak, reach out to the broken. Others are often drawn to them, yet they would be just the same if they were to get no attention at all.

My heart cries out to be as such.


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