Month: February 2014

Notion Forty-One: 25 Minute DIY Project


I am not one usually to post DIY projects of mine, not that I have the time to do many between my desk job and my business as a Fashion Illustrator. That being said, this one was too good to pass up!

It took me about 25-30 minutes in total if you include the drying time for the paint.


What You’ll Need:

Mason Jar

Spray Paint

Artificial Ranunculus  (Cream or off-white)

Ribbon or String

Wire Cutters, Scissors or a Sharp Knife

First you start with a medium sized mason jar of your choice. They can be purchased at most hardware as well as craft stores for a reasonable price. Mine cost me about $3.00.

Lay out a couple of garbage bags and make sure you are in a well ventilated area. You may even want to wear a small mask (even just a dust mask) or cover your nose with something as the spray tends to mist up from inside the jar.

Shake the spray can of paint well (I used “Colortool Spray” in “Robin’s Egg” which I purchased at Michael’s). Just make sure it is something that will stick to glass and has a satin finish.

Next spray the entire inside of the mason jar with your desired colour. Wait about 10 minutes and put a second coat on it.

While you are waiting for the paint to dry in between coats, grab your artificial flowers. I purchased three stems of these, but depending on how many flowers on each, you may need more, or less. It’s better to buy too many than too little, as you want your bouquet to be full looking and make an impression.

Cut off each flower by the stem. Try to leave at least 6 inches of stem on each flower. Once you have done this, group the flowers in a way that looks the most attractive. Try to evenly disperse the larger flowers with the smaller ones.

Tightly wrap the stems together with ribbon or string!


You should then have something that looks like this.

After both coats of paint are dry, place your bouquet into the jar and voila! A beautiful arrangement of “fresh” cut flowers in a mason jar.

I am actually a huge fan of real flowers but in these dreary winter months it’s nice to have something that will not wilt and will glow with life regardless!



Notion Forty

IMG_6788I haven’t posted any photos of my living room for some time but I thought I would share with you all my newest update–polka dots! Lately I have had my eye on this look, even scouring pottery barn and finding slightly more expensive versions of what I happened to find at Home Goods for an impressive $25.

I find it brightens a room and adds a little light-hearted cheer!

Turquoise tones tend to be my favourite and that is the one colour I really like to showcase in this area.

So…what do you think?

Notion Thirty-Nine : Savoring Twenty-Five


I find it downright batty of me to have spent this entire year, minus the two weeks I have left of it, completely not taking in being 25.

A few months in I began telling people that I was almost 26, since I am repeatedly told that I look 12, sometimes 16 if they are generous and 18 if they are a bit more realistic.

Dang, I should have been embracing this. I will have a lifetime to demand people’s respect of me for being old.

So here I am perpetually young. I suppose if I wanted to I could enroll myself in a University program and pretend I am fresh out of high school.

 I could even attempt getting the “kids eat free under 12” meals. Although looking 12 only seems to bless me when I need it the least.

I think, to make up for not fully breathing in and sucking the living guts out of my twenty-five-ness I will make a list of (25) things I enjoyed about being this age. After all, I will never turn it again!

1. I got my driver’s license. (Better late than never!)

2. I bought my first car.

3. I taught myself how to make a mean Pad Thai.

4. I helped pay off all debt in our life! (Aside from our mortgage, let’s be reasonable here!)

5. I reconnected with a few old friends.

6. I discovered my addiction to avocados.

7. My dog learned to pee on doggy pads, rather than in other, more undesirable places.

8. I started my own business, doing something I love.

9. I made (am making) money from that business.

10. I took a road trip to Martha’s Vineyard to visit a friend I had only ever known through letters.

11. I received a watch for Christmas! I have not worn one since I was nine!

12. I changed my hair style, bangs! RISKY. (I have always been so cautious with my hair = big step!)

13. I quit a job that was not good for me.

14. I cut Mcdonald’s out of my life completely. Not even occasionally will I eat it. (Mircea too for that matter!)

15. I upgraded to a smart phone with a touch screen. Two firsts for me.

16. God helped show me a little more about who I am and who He made me to be.

17. I started reading the labels on all hygiene and cosmetic products before I purchase them!

18. I officially decided what I will name my children, if I ever decide to have them.

19. I saw an eagle, sitting in his nest. So surreal to just see that at the side of the road!

20. I stopped eating pork.

21. I found my passion for cooking chicken in many different ways.

22. I discovered how important it is to make sure that no one is left alone, even if they push you away. RIP Tender-hearted, dear, talented and kind Uncle Glenn (dad’s side). As well as my sweet, funny, musical Uncle Ted (mom’s side).

23. I cut down on my sarcasm. Chipping away at it, bit by bit!

24. I learned never to force open doors in life that are being shut in your face for a reason.

25. All my family and friends, I am so blessed to have you in my life.

Notion Thirty-Eight

fashionI recently started making prints of my artwork! Something yours truly is very excited about. I am selling them in my shop on etsy.

I am looking forward to what this year holds! There are already a few very different commissions I am working on/will be working on that I am quite enthused about.

Never have I been one for New Year’s resolutions but have always been one to take risks and encourage change for the good in myself and in my life!

If you are someone with a dream, find out what needs to be done, or what can be done to help make it happen and go for it!  There is no sense wasting time simply wishing for something when really, a little hard work and some prayer could be what it takes to turn simple meanderings into a very amazing reality.

Notion Thirty-Seven: Our Little Rescue

IMG_6769 IMG_6770Hello world…meet Jax. Last week I was told that his owners, both in their 70’s needed to give up their 14-month-old Yorkie-Poo. There were many tears as they asked my mother if she could find a home for him, as they did not want him to go to the pound.

The miracle came in the form of a family of four (my husband’s cousin, her husband and twin boys). This Monday we brought Jax over to their place to see if he would fit in. It was love at first sight for both sides. Although a little shy at first, he is adjusting well.

I am so thankful to have had a part in finding a forever home for this dear little dog. Animal rescue seems to be a habit for my family and I, as this summer my sister found a lop-eared rabbit hopping around at a bus stop near a forest. He was quickly adopted by her and was named “Sunny Wheams.” A strange name—but it stuck.

I am always grateful for opportunities to help unite people and animals, they really do make a difference in our lives!