Notion Thirty-Seven: Our Little Rescue

IMG_6769 IMG_6770Hello world…meet Jax. Last week I was told that his owners, both in their 70’s needed to give up their 14-month-old Yorkie-Poo. There were many tears as they asked my mother if she could find a home for him, as they did not want him to go to the pound.

The miracle came in the form of a family of four (my husband’s cousin, her husband and twin boys). This Monday we brought Jax over to their place to see if he would fit in. It was love at first sight for both sides. Although a little shy at first, he is adjusting well.

I am so thankful to have had a part in finding a forever home for this dear little dog. Animal rescue seems to be a habit for my family and I, as this summer my sister found a lop-eared rabbit hopping around at a bus stop near a forest. He was quickly adopted by her and was named “Sunny Wheams.” A strange name—but it stuck.

I am always grateful for opportunities to help unite people and animals, they really do make a difference in our lives!


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