Notion Thirty-Nine : Savoring Twenty-Five


I find it downright batty of me to have spent this entire year, minus the two weeks I have left of it, completely not taking in being 25.

A few months in I began telling people that I was almost 26, since I am repeatedly told that I look 12, sometimes 16 if they are generous and 18 if they are a bit more realistic.

Dang, I should have been embracing this. I will have a lifetime to demand people’s respect of me for being old.

So here I am perpetually young. I suppose if I wanted to I could enroll myself in a University program and pretend I am fresh out of high school.

 I could even attempt getting the “kids eat free under 12” meals. Although looking 12 only seems to bless me when I need it the least.

I think, to make up for not fully breathing in and sucking the living guts out of my twenty-five-ness I will make a list of (25) things I enjoyed about being this age. After all, I will never turn it again!

1. I got my driver’s license. (Better late than never!)

2. I bought my first car.

3. I taught myself how to make a mean Pad Thai.

4. I helped pay off all debt in our life! (Aside from our mortgage, let’s be reasonable here!)

5. I reconnected with a few old friends.

6. I discovered my addiction to avocados.

7. My dog learned to pee on doggy pads, rather than in other, more undesirable places.

8. I started my own business, doing something I love.

9. I made (am making) money from that business.

10. I took a road trip to Martha’s Vineyard to visit a friend I had only ever known through letters.

11. I received a watch for Christmas! I have not worn one since I was nine!

12. I changed my hair style, bangs! RISKY. (I have always been so cautious with my hair = big step!)

13. I quit a job that was not good for me.

14. I cut Mcdonald’s out of my life completely. Not even occasionally will I eat it. (Mircea too for that matter!)

15. I upgraded to a smart phone with a touch screen. Two firsts for me.

16. God helped show me a little more about who I am and who He made me to be.

17. I started reading the labels on all hygiene and cosmetic products before I purchase them!

18. I officially decided what I will name my children, if I ever decide to have them.

19. I saw an eagle, sitting in his nest. So surreal to just see that at the side of the road!

20. I stopped eating pork.

21. I found my passion for cooking chicken in many different ways.

22. I discovered how important it is to make sure that no one is left alone, even if they push you away. RIP Tender-hearted, dear, talented and kind Uncle Glenn (dad’s side). As well as my sweet, funny, musical Uncle Ted (mom’s side).

23. I cut down on my sarcasm. Chipping away at it, bit by bit!

24. I learned never to force open doors in life that are being shut in your face for a reason.

25. All my family and friends, I am so blessed to have you in my life.


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