Notion Forty-One: 25 Minute DIY Project


I am not one usually to post DIY projects of mine, not that I have the time to do many between my desk job and my business as a Fashion Illustrator. That being said, this one was too good to pass up!

It took me about 25-30 minutes in total if you include the drying time for the paint.


What You’ll Need:

Mason Jar

Spray Paint

Artificial Ranunculus  (Cream or off-white)

Ribbon or String

Wire Cutters, Scissors or a Sharp Knife

First you start with a medium sized mason jar of your choice. They can be purchased at most hardware as well as craft stores for a reasonable price. Mine cost me about $3.00.

Lay out a couple of garbage bags and make sure you are in a well ventilated area. You may even want to wear a small mask (even just a dust mask) or cover your nose with something as the spray tends to mist up from inside the jar.

Shake the spray can of paint well (I used “Colortool Spray” in “Robin’s Egg” which I purchased at Michael’s). Just make sure it is something that will stick to glass and has a satin finish.

Next spray the entire inside of the mason jar with your desired colour. Wait about 10 minutes and put a second coat on it.

While you are waiting for the paint to dry in between coats, grab your artificial flowers. I purchased three stems of these, but depending on how many flowers on each, you may need more, or less. It’s better to buy too many than too little, as you want your bouquet to be full looking and make an impression.

Cut off each flower by the stem. Try to leave at least 6 inches of stem on each flower. Once you have done this, group the flowers in a way that looks the most attractive. Try to evenly disperse the larger flowers with the smaller ones.

Tightly wrap the stems together with ribbon or string!


You should then have something that looks like this.

After both coats of paint are dry, place your bouquet into the jar and voila! A beautiful arrangement of “fresh” cut flowers in a mason jar.

I am actually a huge fan of real flowers but in these dreary winter months it’s nice to have something that will not wilt and will glow with life regardless!



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