Month: March 2014

Notion Forty-Five: Hello Marchesa!


marchesa-mermaid-prom-dresses-2013Here is a sneak peak of a sketch I was working on this morning of this brilliant Marchesa dress! I am to be featured on so keep your eyes peeled!


Notion Forty-Four: The Perfect Girl’s Night

Last weekend my husband was away on a guy’s weekend  so I decided that I would live it up at our place, throwing a girl’s night with one of my best friends, Bella.

I purchased a few essentials, such as “Girl’s Night Out” in the Blueberry & Blood Orange flavor (which is quite interesting if you have not tried it!) When it’s an estrogen-only weekend, I love how one can really do anything that normally is kept at bay in a male’s presence… here’s to unleashing all the pent up, soppy girliness!


One of the essentials would have to be nail polish. I know, I am being really cliche but the night would not be complete without treating yourself to a fresh manicure. I am a big fan of Essie so it goes without saying I was already fully stocked in this department!


Okay, so snacks are a must. I would say if you do not have anything shamelessly tasty at your place the night may be doomed to failure. I like to buy all the things (and more) that might not be foods my husband would eat.  Choose treats that normally go into kids’ lunchboxes (Scooby Snacks anyone?) and maybe mix a small salad in there to appease the guilt.

I am an avocado addict so I made a really tasty dish consisting of avocado, tomatoes, arugula, some herbs and olive oil. Simple, but very healthy and delicious! I really like sour watermelons, shortbread cookies, Munchies “Party Mix” and something fizzy, like a soft drink, which I  rarely ever ingest on a regular occasion.


Definitely burn some fun scented candles! I picked these up from Bath & Bodyworks because I had run out and was strapped for time, but generally I would suggest looking for a soy candle as they burn a lot cleaner! Either way, these two smell quite nice! I am still waiting for an opportunity to light the “London Calling.”


Okay, you knew it was coming! What is a girl’s night without a face mask? Maybe some tell-tale photographs while you are at it? It brings you back to being 12 again, when covering your face in mud was more of a novelty in itself, regardless of what the mask did to your skin. I received this one in a Luxe Box.


Now we all know there is no better way to wind down than with a nice, comforting tea. Two of my favourites are “The Earl’s Garden” loose leaf from David’s Tea (a mix of Earl Grey and Strawberries) as well as the Arbonne Essentials Herbal Tea which is a very gentel detox (no it doesn’t make you “go” you know what) but it does calm you down, and clean your liver with all natural ingredients. A must-try!


Now to pick out a great movie. My friend and I each chose one! She chose “P.S. I Love You” which is a classic, romantic tear-jerker starring Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank. I chose none other than “Roman Holiday” another slightly sad but very fun film, starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory (sigh, so handsome!) Peck.

It is fun to just stuff your face and then cry it out for no reason!

We then watched a really, REALLY interesting documentary (we are history buffs) on King Richard III. It is called “King Richard III – The King in the Car Park.” You can find it on Youtube as well.

Last but not least, choose a really great soundtrack for the evening and you’re set!

Some suggestions would be anything by “The Piano Guys”, or “All of Me” by John Legend (so beautiful). I also really like “Dead Come to Life” by Jonathan Thulin.

Notion Forty-Three: Happy Engagement!

jess jess2

Last weekend was my good friend Jessica and (my cousin) Danny’s engagement party. I just had to share these photos I took of her style that night, it was all so fabulous! Her dress was a floor length Max Azria covered in sequins and her hair  had a 1920’s flair to it. Oh so elegant!

Notion Forty-Two


Here are a couple of recent sketches that I have completed. The first was just for fun, I sketched a model I saw on the runway and added my own flair to the dress.

The second sketch is one I completed a couple of days ago for a customer who designs jewelry. It was a commission for me to draw a fashion illustration of her wearing some of her pieces. She will be putting it on her business cards which is a simply brilliant idea!