Notion Forty-Eight: On Staying Motivated, Productive and Healthy

Being a young entrepreneur has its perks. It is ever so exciting to be creating and calling the shots on every decision regarding my own brand. I have definitely experienced many blessings along the way, but it does take a lot of hard work! Here are a few things that I have discovered that have helped me immensely in balancing my life (a day job + family + friends) with my business.



1) Always see the silver lining.

When you dream big and take risks, there are always things that do not work out exactly as planned. Instead of focusing on them and your disappointment, choose to look further and see the bigger picture. For one, it was a learning experience. It also may just be a door closing in order for you to walk into a much bigger, better opportunity. Always remember to pick yourself up regardless, and keep moving forward.

2) Make time for sleep.

It might sound silly, but if you find yourself with a huge to-do list, you need to schedule in a nap time. Let your body and mind rest and choose to not think of anything but the “now” which is getting cozy and drifting off into a dreamless slumber. You can’t function properly or do your best work if you are running low on energy. A good sleep will do a world of good. Do not see it as a waste of time!

3) Surround yourself with positive people.

I learned that in life there are friendships that a) Were never meant to happen b) Were good for a time c) Are energizing!

Simply put, do not spend excessive amounts of time with individuals who drag you down, hold you back or pass their negativity on to you! You may be actually doing them a favor by leaving them no other choice but to figure things out on their own!

4) Buy a planner.

Now I know that smartphones can do everything and more that a paper agenda cannot. What I discovered (and this works for me) is that having a concrete item that my daily to-do lists are organically written in makes me feel more accountable. I do not want to “let my planner down.”

With a phone or tablet you can simply delete an unfulfilled item like it never happened. With paper, even if you erase it, there is often a permanent little dent or scar in it reminding you of what you didn’t finish for the day. It is also ever so satisfying to manually stroke off each item on your list as it is completed!

An agenda I really have my eye on and quite love is found here.

5) Reward yourself.

All work and no play equals no fun. Every so often I will splurge on a big-ticket item just as another reminder on how hard work really pays off. Life is precious and completely worth living to the fullest. Do no waste it always thinking of the “someday” when you can easily look at even small ways to enjoy today. Make time for those you love, take a walk, enjoy the rain and sunshine and never forget what truly matters.








  1. Totally agree. I’m so bad for not giving myself social time and just working. And agendas are amazing. I have mine and I’m not sure what I would do without it.

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