Notion Forty-Nine

IMG_6930 Today I decided I needed to showcase my turban and all of its beauty. My hair, which weighs about 2lbs did decide to wrestle with it but I do like how everything turned out. I bought this amazing vintage-inspired headpiece on Etsy. You can purchase it here. It shipped to me all the way from Israel and the quality is very good. You also cannot beat the price! I bought one in a nude colour as well. They are perfect for bad hair days…you really have no need to even brush your tresses, just hide them. All the while, you end up looking really posh.

My heels are by Kate & Mel, purchased a couple of winters ago at Town Shoes. The jacket I am wearing I bought at H & M and it is so classic and elegant, it is something I can always keep in my closet if I want to amp up the sophistication of an outfit. I also LOVE my pants, purchased also at H&M this winter for a mere $30.

My little clutch was a vintage find, all beads, absolutely amazing. It originally came with a chain, but that kept falling off and I eventually misplaced it. Either way, I am loving the detailing, it always adds the right amount of understated glam (oxymoron?) to an outfit.

So friends, what do you think?




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