Notion Fifty-One








Today’s post is all about my Kimono. I found it while shopping across the border in the United States in my favourite colour! I was so thrilled. I love how flowing and eccentric it is.

Surprisingly it was a Forever21 purchase, so I always welcome the thought of looking fabulous while not breaking the bank.

I paired it with a royal blue crop top and royal blue loafers. I purchased these shoes from Beyond the Rack for a mere $14.99.

My necklace I ordered online here.

Last but not least I splurged a little on the Cedar Street Maise handbag. I purchased it from the Kate Spade website and being a Canadian I ended up spending over $100 on top of the listed price on their website once you factor in taxes, shipping and the dollar difference. I do love it! It is made of saffiano leather and holds its shape well.

I suppose I needed a white bag anyhow, this one I will be keeping for a very long time.





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