Notion Sixty-Four


I decided to experiment with a new style of illustration that I dreamed up this week. This gown is an original design done by yours truly.






Notion Fifty-Seven


I recently decided to create a number of prints that were of interesting objects or animals. What better place to start than with a Flamingo? In the past couple of years I have seen these spectacular pink creatures printed on everything from tank tops to phone cases and I have quite the love affair with them.

This print is now available for sale in my Etsy shop!





Notion Forty-Two


Here are a couple of recent sketches that I have completed. The first was just for fun, I sketched a model I saw on the runway and added my own flair to the dress.

The second sketch is one I completed a couple of days ago for a customer who designs jewelry. It was a commission for me to draw a fashion illustration of her wearing some of her pieces. She will be putting it on her business cards which is a simply brilliant idea!

Notion Thirty-Eight

fashionI recently started making prints of my artwork! Something yours truly is very excited about. I am selling them in my shop on etsy.

I am looking forward to what this year holds! There are already a few very different commissions I am working on/will be working on that I am quite enthused about.

Never have I been one for New Year’s resolutions but have always been one to take risks and encourage change for the good in myself and in my life!

If you are someone with a dream, find out what needs to be done, or what can be done to help make it happen and go for it!  There is no sense wasting time simply wishing for something when really, a little hard work and some prayer could be what it takes to turn simple meanderings into a very amazing reality.

Notion Thirty-Two: Perfect Portrait


Here is an original piece of art done of my husband and I as a wedding gift from my father, Canadian Illustrator and Portrait Artist, David James Bathurst. His website is currently under construction but shall be up within the next few months!

I love having as much authentic art on my walls as possible…I have this “no prints if I can help it” policy, although may be slowly changing my ideals as there are the cutest wall decorations, some you can buy as jpeg images they send to you and you print it off yourself at a photo lab. Saves on the waiting times for shipping. Very awesome.

Notion Thirty-One: The Original Art in My Home


I suppose you could call me an “art snob” at times. Growing up with a father who was a Freelance Commercial Illustrator, who also did occasional portraits commissioned by the Toronto Maple Leafs and some of the players (or their wives) themselves, I was always surrounded by quality art. As I sometimes travel to thrift shops with my cousin-in-law, Maria, we will see many paintings in ragged frames ready to be purchased at reasonable prices. Unfortunately most of this art to me looks as if it was an attempt at realism, but was painted with ones baby toe. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

┬áToday I thought I would share a piece I was working on this weekend. I saw a blank area on my wall (quite vast, actually) and thought it looked rather odd to have nothing more than a light socket on it. My living room window looks out onto a seemingly endless winter forest, so I thought it fitting that I paint what I am already surrounded with–it goes with the theme.

Some of it was done with a palette knife and some with various sized brushes (although at this time I cannot find my smallest brush which I so thought I had). I also used my hands. Yes, finger painting! You see…I really have no right whatsoever to criticize any art painted with ones baby toe.