Notion Fifty-Nine: The Golden Girl – Jess Keys

jess_instagram jess When I first discovered Jess on Instagram I instantly followed her account, ever so impressed by many of her posts on food, fashion and fun that seemed to effortlessly and stylishly roll with the seasons. She is the creator of the successful (Definitely worth bookmarking on your laptop!)

Jess is also Fashion Editor for another great blog which does home tours, offers business and fashion advice and much more.

Long story short, I ended up illustrating a photo of her in my signature “one eyebrow” style. It was such an honor and she was/is SO much fun to work with! For someone who has a very impressive resume under her belt she is extremely humble and down-to-earth.

I loved the finished product so much that I asked Jess if I could make prints of it (her outfit is simple yet fabulous!) You may purchase the print for sale here. As well, check out Jess’ very sweet blog post featuring my work here.   Happy Tuesday Everyone!




Notion Fifty-Eight


Are you a Fierce Fashionista? Well if so, this print was inspired by Style Guru’s and risk takers like yourself! This print can be found and purchased here. Happy Friday my Lovelies!





Notion Fifty-Four


I completed this sketch in the morning for the studio I am collaborating with, BlushPretty. They are located in downtown Toronto and are one of the biggest hair and makeup artistry studios in the GTA. It is such an honor to be working with such a talented team. I have been named their in-house illustrator! Keep an eye out for my work on their blog and anywhere else!

I also have started sketching some spot illustrations. I found a love for drawing shoes! I am planning on making prints of some of my illustrations shortly, to be sold on Etsy or directly from myself, as well as at the studio.


In case you are curious, here is the original photograph that I sketched from for these beauties.


I do not own the rights to this photo, merely borrowing it for comparison purposes!

I have been extremely busy lately, but will post soon!







Notion Fifty-Three


A little over a week ago I attended (as a bridesmaid) my good friend Jessy’s bridal shower. I am pictured with another dear friend of mine whose blog you can read here.

The photos turned out amazing. I wore a Modcloth find that could pass as vintage if I didn’t mention it was brand new. The dress is covered in painted little birds and is a beautiful aqua colour. I love how it hits just below the knee as far too many dresses (even 50’s inspired ones) are too short for my liking. The material is a cotton and feels hand-made. Definitely a keeper!

My shoes are Breckelle’s and I purchased them off of Beyond the Rack. I am crazy for T-straps at the moment.

The courier in my area knows me by name now as I clearly am a serial online shopper. I am cutting back most recently though due to my husband and I purchasing a new house. We really want to channel our money to things such as furniture and necessities for the next little while. I ultimately LOVE decorating so I am really looking forward to making the new place our own.

I am posting a little later than normal but I was away all weekend at a cottage for a Bachelorette weekend! Keep an eye out as I may be posting some photos soon! We had an awesome time.





Notion Forty-Six: Shop the Shoot

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of being photographed by the talented Ana of Propholio. I needed someone who could convey my vision for something whimsical, lighthearted, fashionable and fun. I think she captured it PERFECTLY!

If you would like to replicate some of the looks from my shoot, here is the breakdown. Enjoy!



Dress: Forever21

Headband: Free People

Shoes: Borrowed from friend – ROMANIA, aren’t they spectacular?

Makeup: Cindy using Nars & Marc Jacobs products (Try the Marc Jacobs bronzer, it’s amazing!)



Dress: Joe Fresh

Watch: Blair Glitz, Michael Kors

Belt: RW & Co.

Shoes: Borrowed, Unknown

Makeup: Cindy using Nars & Marc Jacobs products



Skirt: Borrowed from friend, TALIZE! Originally from Korea. A similar one can be purchased at Anthropologie.

Shirt: H & M

Necklace: Shamelessly Sparkly, they carry the most gorgeous statement necklaces at reasonable prices! I shopped online at

Shoes: Borrowed, Unknown

Makeup: Cindy using Nars & Marc Jacobs products

Notion Forty-Two


Here are a couple of recent sketches that I have completed. The first was just for fun, I sketched a model I saw on the runway and added my own flair to the dress.

The second sketch is one I completed a couple of days ago for a customer who designs jewelry. It was a commission for me to draw a fashion illustration of her wearing some of her pieces. She will be putting it on her business cards which is a simply brilliant idea!

Notion Thirty-One: The Original Art in My Home


I suppose you could call me an “art snob” at times. Growing up with a father who was a Freelance Commercial Illustrator, who also did occasional portraits commissioned by the Toronto Maple Leafs and some of the players (or their wives) themselves, I was always surrounded by quality art. As I sometimes travel to thrift shops with my cousin-in-law, Maria, we will see many paintings in ragged frames ready to be purchased at reasonable prices. Unfortunately most of this art to me looks as if it was an attempt at realism, but was painted with ones baby toe. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

 Today I thought I would share a piece I was working on this weekend. I saw a blank area on my wall (quite vast, actually) and thought it looked rather odd to have nothing more than a light socket on it. My living room window looks out onto a seemingly endless winter forest, so I thought it fitting that I paint what I am already surrounded with–it goes with the theme.

Some of it was done with a palette knife and some with various sized brushes (although at this time I cannot find my smallest brush which I so thought I had). I also used my hands. Yes, finger painting! You see…I really have no right whatsoever to criticize any art painted with ones baby toe.