Notion Sixty-Two


About a week and a half ago I received a letter in the mailĀ from the Poetry Institute of Canada stating that I am to be published in their upcoming anthology of poems “Island Magic.” I had submitted a poem some months ago and since decided that they look over thousands of entries, so not to get my hopes too high (although I knew it was well in the realm of possibility that I would be one chosen).

Prior to this I have been published in two literary publications but this was some years back.

I am ecstatic and honored to have been selected out of so many submissions. My poem is titled “1953.” I must admit that I cried as I wrote it, being something so very close to my heart and I hope to share it with you all sometime soon.

Writing has been a long-time passion of mine right alongside art. I do plan on penning a novel at some point but am slowly chalking up life experience until I fall upon the perfect inspiration. Stories written from the heart are always the best.