Notion Sixty-Four


I decided to experiment with a new style of illustration that I dreamed up this week. This gown is an original design done by yours truly.






Notion Fifty


I have always adored the thought of dressing like a 1950’s housewife. Thanks to the internet and many boutiques that sell vintage and vintage-inspired items, looking like one is just a click away. Many of the style icons I look up to are from the 50’s and 60’s, needless to say Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn are at the top of that list.

This particular dress I purchased online here.

My purse is a simple light grey should bag that I got for next to nothing at a local thrift store. I wish I could help out a bit with the origin of my shoes but truth be told I bought them at a store a few years ago that has since gone out of business and I do not recall the name of it (private run). They are a real patent leather and they only cost me $20 at a clear-out summer sale.

Another great brand, which was actually started by a mother and daughter who sew from original vintage patterns is this one. Although I have never personally ordered online with them, I have purchased one of their fabulous dresses which I wore to my engagement party some years ago (see below for a picture).




Happy shopping!



Notion Twenty


Today I thought I would share with you one of my recent sketches as a fashion illustrator. This one in particular was not based on something that I have seen (consciously at least) but rather a gown I dreamt up, inspired by the seashore. I often do bridal sketches for clients, so although I could not see this as a bridesmaid or wedding dress, I definitely could imagine it residing in a sunny destination, or on the catwalk.

Notion Twelve


My husband and I,  at our engagement photo shoot. I had decided on the theme of an English dock worker meeting a girl in a cloud-like dress. It was a lot of fun and most of the shots were taken in downtown Toronto. My dress is Max Azria, I adore his creations!

Photographed by Miranda Hynes, Copyright 2011