Notion Sixty-Four


I decided to experiment with a new style of illustration that I dreamed up this week. This gown is an original design done by yours truly.






Notion Fifty-Five: A Summer Dinner Party


With the final arrival of summer, my friend (and partner-in-crime for crazy ideas) Bella decided this week that it was about time for us girls to enjoy an outdoor dinner party. I knew to expect something absolutely fabulous and as usual when it comes to all things planned by her, was not disappointed. I thought I would share a few snapshots of our wondrous evening (shoes optional). I would also like to thank Adi, Bella’s mother and spectacular co-host for the evening. It just would not have been the same without your added sense of design!

In keeping with my outfit updates, I tucked a black H & M dress into a black French Connection skirt and paired it with a statement necklace from Shamelessly Sparkly. Bella is wearing a gorgeous maxi that she purchased from Target. Isn’t it so fun?



Our table decor was simply enchanting and I am quite the fan of the goblets we used to sip home-made lemonade and white wine from.




We enjoyed an array of cheeses; Havarti, Brie, Goat’s Cheese as well as Feta. All the vegetable dishes consisted of organic, home-grown goodness straight from Adi’s garden.


 Cheers! Pris and Ana looked so lovely!




I should mention — Jessica is getting married in a week from today! We are all bridesmaids and quite thrilled to be sharing the special day with her and Dan!


After we had eaten more than enough of our fill of the harvest we made our way downstairs to the lower patio. This we lit with candles and outdoor lights while dining on yogurt, almonds and honey, followed by a satisfying helping of delicious cheesecake!




We were then blessed to be treated to an unexpected firework show. Oh Canada, how we love thee! (Not only on Canada Day weekend).


Well, that’s a wrap! I have a very busy day tomorrow and cannot wait to help Jessy with wedding favors along with the rest of the crew. Next dinner party : My house!



Notion Forty-Seven




I have never been one to post daily outfit posts, but the other day I was chatting with my lovely blog-savvy cousin-in-law and she suggested I start recording even one or two per week. I suppose today being one of  the first good weather days all year, it was time to start.

In this outfit (wore it to church this morning) I am wearing a classic black circle skirt (French Connection) which I found at a thrift shop for a whopping $7.99. I do love when I accidentally stumble upon a deal! I was going to purchase one just like it from Etsy, but all along my local second hand store had just the thing. I do have a confession to make, I took a little bit of an afternoon nap in this classic outfit before shooting, but I quite like the (slightly) rumpled look.

My purse is a classic Hamilton, from Michael Kors in the luggage color. I tend to wear it a lot as it seems to go with everything and it just gets better with age. I generally love when things look worn as opposed to brand spanking new.

My flats are nude/blush colored t-straps, ordered online from Beyond the Rack. I paired it all with a massive (messy) sock bun and a tucked in button-up shirt.

There you have it. I now need to pay my photographer (husband) with hamburgers, so this will be short and sweet.




Notion Forty-Three: Happy Engagement!

jess jess2

Last weekend was my good friend Jessica and (my cousin) Danny’s engagement party. I just had to share these photos I took of her style that night, it was all so fabulous! Her dress was a floor length Max Azria covered in sequins and her hair  had a 1920’s flair to it. Oh so elegant!

Notion Forty

IMG_6788I haven’t posted any photos of my living room for some time but I thought I would share with you all my newest update–polka dots! Lately I have had my eye on this look, even scouring pottery barn and finding slightly more expensive versions of what I happened to find at Home Goods for an impressive $25.

I find it brightens a room and adds a little light-hearted cheer!

Turquoise tones tend to be my favourite and that is the one colour I really like to showcase in this area.

So…what do you think?