Notion Sixty-Four


I decided to experiment with a new style of illustration that I dreamed up this week. This gown is an original design done by yours truly.






Notion Sixty-Three: Falling for Fall

The season has officially changed and I consciously noticed it today while driving along a tree lined road en route to my parents house. The tree tops were blushing the slightest shade of orange, some of them being a wee bit more bashful than  others.

I love fall and all that it brings. The only downside for me is knowing that it is far too short in Canada. Soon the polar vortex will coast its way in and make most of us have a sudden urge to flee or hibernate.

That being said we do have those few blissful weeks to wear sweaters and chic jackets, without feeling like maybe if we do not walk fast enough to the nearest place of refuge we may risk frostbite.

Here are a few of my personal favourites for fall this season.


I know there has been a fair bit of it in previous years but lately I have taken a major fancy to all types of (faux) fur. Although a fur jacket is a bit much for early autumn I would opt for a fur vest. It is so versatile and makes you feel like some sort of tribeswoman from empires long past. (Okay that is just me). Either way, it spices up any outfit and makes you stand out from a crowd without trying too hard. I really have my eye on one from H&M, although I am on a strict budget at the moment and as reasonably priced as it is, I have to wait a little!


I am CRAZY for desert boot inspired wedges! I fondly remember owning the classic (non wedge) style in bright purple when I was about 5 years old. The one pictured is made by TOMS but I saw an absolutely gorgeous pair yesterday for a fraction of the price at WINNERS. They would go quite well with a pair of skinny jeans or cuffed boyfriend pants. Let’s not forget to mention, I felt like I could walk miles in them, they are so comfortable!





So I had to include that versatile autumn staple, the knit beanie. I purchased a couple from Urban Outfitters some years back and they have since gone missing with all of my moving around. I finally purchased another this year and I love it to bits. It is a way that I can express my inner artiste even when I am simply pairing it with a leather jacket.




Now we can never forget one of the BEST parts of the fall wardrobe; chunky knit sweaters! Throw one on and it is instant cozy. Enough said.


STARBUCKS COFFEE COMPANY - More than 200 Million Sold: Fans Cele

Last but not least the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” from Starbucks is something that I look forward to every September. The second the temperature drops a few degrees my body subconsciously yearns for it. Even if you are not a coffee drinker it is like pumpkin pie in a cup. I cannot say enough! This year I have been ordering decaf to get the taste, but not the caffeine buzz, especially when I order later at night.


These are just a few of the things I love about this time of year. I could go on and on, but if I did so…it just might be over when I’m done. It is time to hook my Homebody-Yorkshire-Terrier up to a leash and take a nice long walk with my camera.


*All photos are the property of their sources and not from my own collection. They have been posted merely for the purpose of being visual examples.









Notion Fifty-Nine: The Golden Girl – Jess Keys

jess_instagram jess When I first discovered Jess on Instagram I instantly followed her account, ever so impressed by many of her posts on food, fashion and fun that seemed to effortlessly and stylishly roll with the seasons. She is the creator of the successful (Definitely worth bookmarking on your laptop!)

Jess is also Fashion Editor for another great blog which does home tours, offers business and fashion advice and much more.

Long story short, I ended up illustrating a photo of her in my signature “one eyebrow” style. It was such an honor and she was/is SO much fun to work with! For someone who has a very impressive resume under her belt she is extremely humble and down-to-earth.

I loved the finished product so much that I asked Jess if I could make prints of it (her outfit is simple yet fabulous!) You may purchase the print for sale here. As well, check out Jess’ very sweet blog post featuring my work here.   Happy Tuesday Everyone!



Notion Fifty-Eight


Are you a Fierce Fashionista? Well if so, this print was inspired by Style Guru’s and risk takers like yourself! This print can be found and purchased here. Happy Friday my Lovelies!





Notion Fifty-Six: For the Love of Shoes!

shoe0002 jessy1


Lately I have really taken a fancy to drawing shoes. Even without wearing them they are simply stunning and I often find myself staring at my shoe shelf in my closet and admiring. Yes, I have yet to own the ones that I sketch but one of these days…

Notion Fifty-Five: A Summer Dinner Party


With the final arrival of summer, my friend (and partner-in-crime for crazy ideas) Bella decided this week that it was about time for us girls to enjoy an outdoor dinner party. I knew to expect something absolutely fabulous and as usual when it comes to all things planned by her, was not disappointed. I thought I would share a few snapshots of our wondrous evening (shoes optional). I would also like to thank Adi, Bella’s mother and spectacular co-host for the evening. It just would not have been the same without your added sense of design!

In keeping with my outfit updates, I tucked a black H & M dress into a black French Connection skirt and paired it with a statement necklace from Shamelessly Sparkly. Bella is wearing a gorgeous maxi that she purchased from Target. Isn’t it so fun?



Our table decor was simply enchanting and I am quite the fan of the goblets we used to sip home-made lemonade and white wine from.




We enjoyed an array of cheeses; Havarti, Brie, Goat’s Cheese as well as Feta. All the vegetable dishes consisted of organic, home-grown goodness straight from Adi’s garden.


 Cheers! Pris and Ana looked so lovely!




I should mention — Jessica is getting married in a week from today! We are all bridesmaids and quite thrilled to be sharing the special day with her and Dan!


After we had eaten more than enough of our fill of the harvest we made our way downstairs to the lower patio. This we lit with candles and outdoor lights while dining on yogurt, almonds and honey, followed by a satisfying helping of delicious cheesecake!




We were then blessed to be treated to an unexpected firework show. Oh Canada, how we love thee! (Not only on Canada Day weekend).


Well, that’s a wrap! I have a very busy day tomorrow and cannot wait to help Jessy with wedding favors along with the rest of the crew. Next dinner party : My house!