Notion Sixty-Five: Boho Bride


Here is a sneak peek at a commission I completed a couple of months ago for a beauty blog! I was inspired by the whimsical, boho-chic wedding looks that I had been seeing this year. Who doesn’t love a flower crown?






Notion Sixty-Four


I decided to experiment with a new style of illustration that I dreamed up this week. This gown is an original design done by yours truly.





Notion Fifty-Nine: The Golden Girl – Jess Keys

jess_instagram jess When I first discovered Jess on Instagram I instantly followed her account, ever so impressed by many of her posts on food, fashion and fun that seemed to effortlessly and stylishly roll with the seasons. She is the creator of the successful (Definitely worth bookmarking on your laptop!)

Jess is also Fashion Editor for another great blog which does home tours, offers business and fashion advice and much more.

Long story short, I ended up illustrating a photo of her in my signature “one eyebrow” style. It was such an honor and she was/is SO much fun to work with! For someone who has a very impressive resume under her belt she is extremely humble and down-to-earth.

I loved the finished product so much that I asked Jess if I could make prints of it (her outfit is simple yet fabulous!) You may purchase the print for sale here. As well, check out Jess’ very sweet blog post featuring my work here.   Happy Tuesday Everyone!



Notion Fifty-Seven


I recently decided to create a number of prints that were of interesting objects or animals. What better place to start than with a Flamingo? In the past couple of years I have seen these spectacular pink creatures printed on everything from tank tops to phone cases and I have quite the love affair with them.

This print is now available for sale in my Etsy shop!





Notion Thirty-Eight

fashionI recently started making prints of my artwork! Something yours truly is very excited about. I am selling them in my shop on etsy.

I am looking forward to what this year holds! There are already a few very different commissions I am working on/will be working on that I am quite enthused about.

Never have I been one for New Year’s resolutions but have always been one to take risks and encourage change for the good in myself and in my life!

If you are someone with a dream, find out what needs to be done, or what can be done to help make it happen and go for it!  There is no sense wasting time simply wishing for something when really, a little hard work and some prayer could be what it takes to turn simple meanderings into a very amazing reality.

Notion Thirty


In light of the new year there will be some changes to my blog. I have decided to write a tiny bit more (and only a bit, no long monologues or anything)…as well as try to focus a lot more on my artwork. Today’s post was inspired by the sketching style of one of my favourite fashion illustrators, but with my own twist. I drew this sketch to illustrate how I would like to get my hair cut and styled come summer. I am a bridesmaid now for the third year in a row, so that is an event that I vow to keep my hair long for. If there are no other proposals that somehow pop up along the way, that should be my last for awhile.

This will be a huge step for me as I have had long, long hair for the past 10+ years. So…what do you think? This year is a time for change for the better, for progress, for taking chances, for blessings and abundance! Here is to 2014!

Notion Twenty


Today I thought I would share with you one of my recent sketches as a fashion illustrator. This one in particular was not based on something that I have seen (consciously at least) but rather a gown I dreamt up, inspired by the seashore. I often do bridal sketches for clients, so although I could not see this as a bridesmaid or wedding dress, I definitely could imagine it residing in a sunny destination, or on the catwalk.