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Notion Fifty-Nine: The Golden Girl – Jess Keys

jess_instagram jess When I first discovered Jess on Instagram I instantly followed her account, ever so impressed by many of her posts on food, fashion and fun that seemed to effortlessly and stylishly roll with the seasons. She is the creator of the successful (Definitely worth bookmarking on your laptop!)

Jess is also Fashion Editor for another great blog which does home tours, offers business and fashion advice and much more.

Long story short, I ended up illustrating a photo of her in my signature “one eyebrow” style. It was such an honor and she was/is SO much fun to work with! For someone who has a very impressive resume under her belt she is extremely humble and down-to-earth.

I loved the finished product so much that I asked Jess if I could make prints of it (her outfit is simple yet fabulous!) You may purchase the print for sale here. As well, check out Jess’ very sweet blog post featuring my work here.   Happy Tuesday Everyone!




Notion Forty-Nine

IMG_6930 Today I decided I needed to showcase my turban and all of its beauty. My hair, which weighs about 2lbs did decide to wrestle with it but I do like how everything turned out. I bought this amazing vintage-inspired headpiece on Etsy. You can purchase it here. It shipped to me all the way from Israel and the quality is very good. You also cannot beat the price! I bought one in a nude colour as well. They are perfect for bad hair days…you really have no need to even brush your tresses, just hide them. All the while, you end up looking really posh.

My heels are by Kate & Mel, purchased a couple of winters ago at Town Shoes. The jacket I am wearing I bought at H & M and it is so classic and elegant, it is something I can always keep in my closet if I want to amp up the sophistication of an outfit. I also LOVE my pants, purchased also at H&M this winter for a mere $30.

My little clutch was a vintage find, all beads, absolutely amazing. It originally came with a chain, but that kept falling off and I eventually misplaced it. Either way, I am loving the detailing, it always adds the right amount of understated glam (oxymoron?) to an outfit.

So friends, what do you think?



Notion Forty-Seven




I have never been one to post daily outfit posts, but the other day I was chatting with my lovely blog-savvy cousin-in-law and she suggested I start recording even one or two per week. I suppose today being one of  the first good weather days all year, it was time to start.

In this outfit (wore it to church this morning) I am wearing a classic black circle skirt (French Connection) which I found at a thrift shop for a whopping $7.99. I do love when I accidentally stumble upon a deal! I was going to purchase one just like it from Etsy, but all along my local second hand store had just the thing. I do have a confession to make, I took a little bit of an afternoon nap in this classic outfit before shooting, but I quite like the (slightly) rumpled look.

My purse is a classic Hamilton, from Michael Kors in the luggage color. I tend to wear it a lot as it seems to go with everything and it just gets better with age. I generally love when things look worn as opposed to brand spanking new.

My flats are nude/blush colored t-straps, ordered online from Beyond the Rack. I paired it all with a massive (messy) sock bun and a tucked in button-up shirt.

There you have it. I now need to pay my photographer (husband) with hamburgers, so this will be short and sweet.